Merger of Companies

The merger of Cludo Sp. z o.o.and "Telefonix" Sp. z o.o.

The Management Board of Cludo Sp. z o.o. (“Acquiring Company”) with its registered office in Warsaw informs that on May 20, 2021, Cludo Sp. z o.o., and the subsidiary “Telefonix” Sp. z o.o. (“Acquired Company”) the Company Merger Plan has been agreed and signed pursuant to Art. 492 § 1 item 1) of the Commercial Companies Code.

Agreement and Plan for the Merger of Companies


Cloud experts

According to Gartner, in 2020 over 50% of Contact Center implementations will be implemented in the SaaS model, with 10% in 2019. The key forces driving the choice of the cloud are the managers’ awareness that they are not able to predict the scale and functionality needs of CC several years ahead, the cost of their own IT teams while maintaining and developing systems in the traditional ONSITE model.

We are experts in omnichannel contact center solutions provided in the SaaS model, or simply – in the cloud. For 7 years we have been helping our clients to choose the best solution for them, adjust it to their unique needs, implement and start the process of continuous evolution of the delivered solution.


Continuous evolution of the delivered solution

High-quality technical support, communication with the client, and development is crucial for us, taking into account the dynamics of technological and business changes and consumer expectations. Thanks to this approach, no customer left us throughout the entire period of our activity.

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Experience cannot be bought

Every day, more than 3,000 consultants and Contact Center managers in 25 companies use the systems adapted, implemented and developed by CLUDO to carry out tasks related to customer service, sales and debt collection. Thank you for their trust and we hope that your company will join them.


The people you work with are the most important

Our employees are just as important as the customers. Thanks to this, we have built a harmonious team of 30 engineers, programmers and Contact Center experts. It is thanks to their knowledge and dedication that CLUDO has gained an unquestionable reputation on the Contact Center market.


Partnership based on built relationships and mutual trust

Cludo is delivered as a cloud service (Software as a Service). This means changing the business relationship with the supplier. For Cludo, the cloud is primarily a change of the business relationship from the sales-implementation-maintenance-sales cycle to a long-term relationship where the interests of both parties coincide.


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