Artificial Intelligence

At CLUDO, we focus on the power of artificial intelligence to handle repetitive activities and supporting your consultants. The goal is to increase their natural abilities to establish an emotional relationship with the client in more complex cases.

Artificial intelligence is embedded in technologies provided by CLUDO, such as AMD or Quality Monitoring with sentiment analysis. In order to be up to date with technology, we have created Mr. Rubbish, a popular voice-bot supporting garbage segregation via Google Assistant.

However, for our clients, we focus on the synergy of knowledge and experience of our partners, InteliWise &, our knowledge and Enterprise-class Contact Center solutions. We are also open to integration with your provider’s chat and voice bots.

We see our role as a company that combines traditional Contact Centers with solutions that automate repetitive processes. We do it in such a way that AI is not a separate island but an integrated element of the entire ecosystem.

How do we help?

  • We support interaction analysis to identify processes suitable for automation.
  • We integrate bots and enable monitoring them in the Contact Center system
  • We merge reports from automatic interactions and consultants
  • We integrate systems to ensure a smooth transition between the interaction with the bot and the consultant
  • We pass the information collected by the bot to the consultant
  • We support creating a scenario for the optimal use of bots and Consultants
  • We integrate bots into the consultant’s application in order to support it and improve customer service
  • We are one point of responsibility for your Contact Center

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