Call Center Price list

Cludo Call Center Price list – comprehensive service at an affordable price

Cludo Call Center provides advanced services that go beyond the traditional form of call centers. The company’s team believes that continuous adaptation to customer requirements results in measurable evolution, which translates into the development of innovation and the creation of better solutions.

Hence, Cludo services constantly increase their quality thanks to the introduction of modern software, which will open up numerous enterprises to new forms of providing assistance in the field of customer service. For this reason, the company can stand out from the competition with refined pricing, which takes into account numerous activities, tailored in terms of quality and price.

As part of the Cludo Call Center activity, the pricing includes the implementation of the call center system as a cloud service. The software made available to clients will significantly translate into a reduction in expenditure on the purchase of expensive equipment.

The services included in the price list also give the opportunity to independently determine the number of positions, thanks to which business customers will adjust the solutions according to their own needs. The Saas model developed by Cludo makes it possible to achieve low costs due to the lack of the need to maintain an extensive engineering department. All supervision and service can be guaranteed by the internal Cludo team.

Comprehensive services of modern support for the contact center department for companies is the mission of Cludo Contact Center. Familiarize yourself with the contact center pricing and you will convince about the quality of our activities. The fully customized nature of our solution will allow you to adjust the call center system to your individual needs.


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