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ITSM Atmosfera is an IT Service Management system created and developed by Euvic. It enables the optimization of business processes and servicing the recipients of IT services.

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Atmosfera is a modular ITSM system, created on the basis of the ATMO platform, allowing both the creation of new applications and the launch of ready-made modules on new, dedicated ITSM Atmosphere instances.

Integration of ITMS Atmosfera with Cludo

The integration of the contact center system with Atmosfera ITSM allows contact center employees to

• Creating notifications for interactions with the CC system such as voice, e-mail, chat, SMS.
• Automatic customer card opening for a phone number or email address from an interaction
• Access to the full history of customer contact
• Click2Call
• Forwarding notifications outside the CC unit to units such as warehouses, local representatives
• Full control of customer notifications regarding processing time or SLA
• Standarized interface for CC agent


Thanks to the integration of Atmosfera ITSM with the Contact Center Cludo system, the ITSM Atmosfera reporting system can be operated from the CC system level. For potential customers / users, this means the ability to work with one tool. Thanks to the integration, the telephone call received by the consultant is automatically directed to the user’s profile in the Atmosfera ITSM reporting system, with the possibility of performing an action in the context of that user (most often creating a request, reviewing already established requests, user data, etc.). Consultants immediately receive detailed information about the caller, which makes the system even more useful and intuitive for them. Learn about advanced methods for an extensive call center system and adapt to the needs of customers.

Dlaczego warto wykorzystać Atmosferę ITSM?

  1. Easy adaptation of the system to individual needs – Due to its modular structure, Atmosfera ITSM is a highly configurable and scalable tool. This enables its easy and complete adaptation to the specific needs of each company.
  2. Optimization of complex business processes – The ITSM system allows for the implementation of complex business logic and its easy modification, in line with changing requirements.
  3. Quick implementation, easy operation – The software is easy to implement and use since it was created based on global standards and best practices related to the ITSM system.
  4. Efficiency and security – The ITSM system ensures high efficiency (e.g. by automating routine activities) and full data security (e.g. thanks to the use of advanced access control and data separation mechanisms).

Kluczowe moduły Atmosfera ITSM:

  1. Atmosfera Service Desk – IT department management module. The system has been certified for compliance with the ITIL (PinkVERIFY ™ & ITIL® Software Scheme (ISS) Assessment) guidelines.
  2. Atmosfera Service Desk – Outsourcing Services – version of the Atmosfera Service Desk module tailored to the needs of companies providing services to external customers (service, collocation, etc.).
  3. Atmosfera Customer Operations – a customer communication support module that allows for the effective handling of incoming inquiries, complaints or requests for information. It supports the service in the contact center and the work of back office specialists.
  4. Atmosfera User Right Management – a module that provides comprehensive support for processes related to the control of user rights, in particular in the organization’s IT systems.

Comprehensive support in the use of ITMS

  1. Transfer of the license to use the system in your organization.
  2. Implementation of the system and its adaptation to your needs in all areas (technical and organizational).
  3. User training.
  4. Post-implementation support.

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