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    Contact Center Pricing - key elements supported by a competetive price

    Each form of service, as well as the one offered by Cludo Contact Center, has its own detailed pricing. Thanks to it, every business client will be familiar with the specifics of our activity, and at the same time will learn how the activities we perform for them are paid. The appropriate course of cooperation between the client’s company and Cludo Contact Center must be based on a well-thought-out offer. Based on this assumption, the recipients of our services can learn about the exact scope of activities and adjust the details, including finances, according to their individual needs. This approach will ensure that clients develop the right strategy as part of mutual cooperation between both parties.

    What should be done to get a quote for Contact Center services

    To find out about the full range of solutions provided by our company, we provide Cludo Contact Center customers with pricing, which will serve as important information to undertake any future partnership with us. For this purpose, specific customer data should be provided, in the form of:

    • name and surname;
    • company name;
    • e-mail address;
    • telephone number;
    • a number of seats.

    These details will not only be useful to authenticate the customer but will also provide information for Cludo as part of the initial understanding of the recipient’s company and its size.

    After filling in the above data, all you need to do is use the “Send” button, which is at the bottom of the table on the website. These steps are enough to get you a price list for the full range of Cludo Contact Center services.


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