Impress your visitors to your website with your unique service. Use the possibilities offered by co-browsing with the built-in video chat function.

Surfly is a co-browsing technology that enables screen sharing, video calls, document exchange and much more.

Help customers remotely

  • Share your screen with your client in real-time
  • Extend your phone call with video chat
  • Help clients as if the consultant was sitting right next to them
  • Securely share documents with a client

Surfly has developed a market-leading remote collaboration and co-browsing technology that allows you to connect to your customers through their browser without installing any software. Surfly is today successfully used by giants such as Generali, Scandinavian airlines SAS, Vodafone or BBVA, as well as many smaller companies. Bring your call center system to a new level today and start helping clients effectively.

Fully integrated system with your web application

  1. It does not require any software to be installed
  2. Works on all browsers and devices
  3. It integrates with the applications you are currently using
  4. Fully customizable system

Screen sharing has never been more secure

Surfly connects clients with consultants in real time. At the same time, it allows interaction within the same screen, visible to all people participating in the session. Therefore, it can be successfully used both by a team of agents for communication within the team and for communication between the agent and the client.

Universal co-browsing tool

Thanks to the high quality and speed of the shared screen, you can give customers the impression of a face-to-face meeting even when it is held remotely. Just click a button or share a link to view the screen with your customers.

Surfly is a service that can be easily added to your website. Our fully documented API makes it simple and easy to integrate, and with our (video) chat feature you can build trusting relationships with your customers.

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