CLUDO TELCO is the first telecommunications service on the Polish market designed and directed exclusively to Contact Centers. Its use does not require the use of the Contact Center CLUDO platform.

The needs and requirements of the Contact Center in the field of telecommunications services are different than that of an ordinary business customer. They have a greater than normal impact on the quality and profitability of the activities carried out. Traditional telecommunications operators do not fully understand these needs and do not create services tailored to this customer segment. Internal or outsourcing Contact Center is another BUSINESS client.

For 7 years, CLUDO has been providing telecommunications services for customers using the CLUDO platform. While developing and calibrating our services, we encountered all possible challenges and needs of contact centers. As a result, we have created a set of services 100% tailored to the specifics and requirements of contact centers.

“Cludo Telco solves the basic telecommunications problems of CC:
flexibility, efficiency, signaling.”

Aleksander Wierciński, Cludo CEO

What distinguishes CLUDO from the competitors

  • higher CPS performance, adapted to predictive campaigns
  • converting voice prompts into signaling
  • voicemail detection (> 95% success rate, 0% false positives)
  • numbering rotation, Polish and foreign cellular numbering
  • voice and SMS support on one number
  • easy to implement (SIP and API, CDRs online + realtime)
  • quick response, direct care and simple procedures
  • additional knowledge
  • black listing of numbers
  • reacting to excess traffic – filtering, redirecting some traffic to other/backup CC / IVR
  • redirection of traffic for the time of maintenance works (calendar) or breakdowns (DR – plan

Basic cc goals related to telecommunications services


  • stable reception of a very large and variable amount of incoming traffic
  • optimization of consultants’ time
  • additional knowledge to make decisions
  • improving the quality of service
  • freely scalable and arbitrarily complex IVR in front of the client’s CC, with no limit of channels


  • stable handling of large and fluctuating outgoing traffic (many short connections)
  • optimization of consultants’ time
  • increasing the dial-up capacity
  • additional knowledge that allows you to make decisions in combination with the data of the call center system

Basic problems with traditional telecommunications services

  • flexibility and redundancy of the number of simultaneously operated connections is expensive [inbound / outbound]
  • the low number of CAPS on operator services adversely affects the operation of the campaign in predictive mode
  • unstable / inaccurate signaling affects the accuracy of rescheduling in automatic campaigns
  • sound signaling / prompts optimize consultants’ time and the accuracy of re-planning
  • no easily accessible mobile and landline numbering as well as foreign numbering
  • low quality (ASR) of foreign calls
  • scalability practically only in multiples of E1 = n x 30 (n = 1, 2.3 …)

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