Integration withDynamics 365

The Contact Center systems we implement: OneContact, Genesys Cloud and Nubitalk have deep, ready-made integration with Microsoft Dynamics.

Integration of MS Dynamics 365 with OneContact

OneContact CC fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, combining the best contact center capabilities with CRM information, all in the same interface.

The result is a simple and effective way to provide quality customer service. Thanks to this connection, the Agent application is fully embedded in the Dynamics 365 interface as a CTI toolbar. Agents can manage phone calls, calls and e-mails of customers directly in the MS Dynamics environment. All information about customer information and interaction history is stored and displayed. Full context regarding customers reduces service time and reduces the consultant’s workload.

Key Benefits

  • Unified interface that streamlines access to customer information.
  • One-click calls with click2call functions.
  • CRM and Contact Center functions available through a browser from anywhere

Key integrated functionalities

Integracja MS Dynamics z Genesys Cloud

Dynamics Connector for Genesys Cloud is a turnkey solution for integrating all Genesys Cloud channels with Microsoft Dynamics using the “Embeddable Framework”. This solution allows you to embed Genesys Cloud in MS Dynamics so that it is always visible and available regardless of the interaction managed by the agent.

Dynamics Connector for Genesys Cloud integrates Genesys Cloud with Dynamics 365. With one click, contact center agents can access customer relationship data and make more informed decisions, ultimately increasing consultant productivity and customer satisfaction. Connector uses connection data to access relevant MS Dynamics information, be it account, contact or case. Information can be visualized using MS Dynamics forms and views. The information is instantly downloaded and serves the client as soon as the connection is assigned.

For outbound voice interactions, the adapter offers the ability to dial from a Dynamics form and initiate via click-to-call via the Genesys Cloud widget.

Genesys Cloud is embedded in Dynamics so it is always visible and available regardless of agent-managed interaction or independent of MS Dynamics screen or view. Multiple interactions can be managed in both Genesys Cloud and MS Dynamics.

Key integrated functionalities

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