Call Center Software

Cludo Call Center software is a fully hosted platform that we provide in the SaaS model. It is used for comprehensive communication between the company and its customers. Cludo Call Center software allows its users to handle telephone campaigns in preview, power and predictive modes as well as routing interactions via the following channels: Voice, Email, Chat, Sms, Video and Social Media. Cludo Software Contact Center is based on the technology recommended by the Gartner Institute. We recommend it to companies running both contact centers and call centers.

Advantages of call center software

Cludo Contact Center system guarantees the reliability of the system, which is looked after by a large group of specialists. Cludo’s technical team, which is fully responsible for the operation of the servers, ensures the continuity of services for Cludo’s customers. Advanced functions of Cludo Call Center software provide all users with multi-channel communication, which has a large impact on improving the quality of contacts in the company, both between employees and employers, as well as people employed in the call center and potential customers of the company.

With the Cludo solution system, we strive to improve the quality of customer service and the effectiveness of our customers’ Contact Center sales activities. Cludo Call Center, which we customize to the individual needs of our client’s contact center, is stored in the cloud, where we maintain the benefits of the cloud without having to give up the possibility of integration and security.


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