Genesys Cloud

Comprehensive Contact Center solution embedded in AWS infrastructure in the multi-tenant and micro-services model. Genesys Cloud is a platform for continuous innovation, released weekly and developed with an API-first approach. Choose the world leader in CCaaS and CLUDO experience and stay ahead of the competition.

Dlaczego Genesys Cloud?

Complete omnichannel Contact Center system.

The solution offers easily manageable IVR, voice bots and chatbots. Support for digital channels (email, sms, social media). It supports customer service through co-browsing, callbacks and an integrated history of customer interactions. Increased efficiency by blending inbound and outbound calls. Unification of CC positions with the back office. Optimization of consultants’ graphics in the WFM module.

Genesys Cloud provides the knowledge and control for effective management.

In the era of employee dispersion, the real-time and historical reporting tools offered by Genesys Cloud, recording of consultants’ calls and screens, and the Quality Monitoring module will ensure the knowledge and control that every Contact Center manager is looking for. Expand your call center system to an advanced level and start effective management.

It guarantees continuous development without costly upgrades.

New, tested functionalities and improvements appear weekly without affecting the daily work of the Contact Center. The area of ​​the fastest development is automation and the use of AI to support the work of the Contact Center. All in one solution.

The “API first” approach guarantees flexibility and adaptation to the needs.

Each Contact Center is different and most customers want to integrate the Contact Center in various ways and develop their own solutions. Genesys Cloud is a guarantee of access to every functionality through documented API to maximize the development of your software.

Growing ecosystem of solutions

Genesys Cloud is the largest and constantly growing ecosystem of solutions built on the basis of open APIs. Before you incur the costs of developing your own software, check if someone has already created it. In most cases it will turn out to be yes, lowering your costs and accelerating the development of your Contact Center.

Scalable and stable architecture

Trust the best Cloud Contact Center platform on the market. Created, tested and developed by Interactive Intelligence and Genesys for 10 years. Over 100,000 consultants have tested it in practice and it is now ready to be implemented in your company. We guarantee:

It is a multi-tenant platform using microservices and event architecture with continuous development to ensure flexibility, scalability and performance.

Extensive automated unit and integration testing was conducted to verify the performance of individual components and their interoperability.

It has an intelligent data layer and public APIs to support new connections between applications, thus enabling the integration of critical systems.

It has authentication and meets the highest security specifications to ensure the security of customer information.

Genesys Cloud - a secure platform means a good night's sleep

Know that your data is safe. A team of security and privacy experts is committed to protecting you from threats. Genesys Cloud maintains strong encryption, logical isolation, stringent security standards for multi-tenant architectures, and key industry certifications so you can comply with regulations – regardless of industry or location

Integration with MS Dynamics

Dynamics Connector for Genesys Cloud is a turnkey solution for integrating all Genesys Cloud channels with Microsoft Dynamics using the “Embeddable Framework”. This solution allows Genesys Cloud to be embedded in Dynamics to be always visible and available regardless of the agent-managed interaction.

Dynamics Connector integrates Genesys Cloud with Dynamics 365. With one click, contact center agents can access customer relationship data, thus providing more informed services, making more informed decisions, and ultimately increasing agent productivity and customer satisfaction. The connector uses call data to access the relevant Dynamics information, be it an account, contact, or case. Information can be visualized using Dynamics forms and views. The information is quickly retrieved and serves the agent as soon as the connection is assigned. For outgoing voice contacts, the adapter offers the ability to dial from a Dynamics form and initiate via click-to-call via the Genesys Cloud widget.

Genesys Cloud is embedded in Dynamics so it is always visible and available regardless of agent-managed interaction or regardless of the Dynamics screen or view. Multiple interactions can be managed in both Genesys Cloud and Dynamics.

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