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Located on CLUDO Private Cloud infrastructure, Collab’s OneContact CC solution is designed for large, multi-channel contact centers with significant integration and customization needs, while maintaining flexibility and continuous cloud development.


OneContact CC by Collab is an Enterprise class omni-channel contact center solution that offers intuitive and unified customer interaction support in voice, video, chat, email and social media channels: facebook, twitter, whatsapp.

It is also an ecosystem of integrated support solutions such as Quality Monitoring with sentiment analysis, Workforce Optimization, E-Learning and Gamification.

OneContact has been offered by us for 5 years in the SaaS model and is used by several dozen clients and over 3,000 consultants.

All CLUDO implementations are combined with adaptation to the unique needs of the client and integrated with his transaction systems.

The OneContact solution offered by CLUDO is located on our own infrastructure, dispersed in three Polish data centers and linked by a ring of optical fibers, guaranteeing data security and uninterrupted operation.

Selected Features

OneContact is designed for the changing world and consumer behavior. The following list is an illustrative set of the functional areas offered by OneContact:

  • omnichannel – in one interface and common routing and reporting, support for multiple contact channels: telephone, e-mail, chat, video, SMS, messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Effectively combine customer service with outbound campaigns.
  • intelligent routing – build universal rules based on queue states, consultants’ skills, waiting time in the queue and many other factors so that your contact center automatically optimizes the service level on various hotlines and in various contact channels in every situation.
  • outbound – run campaigns in manual, preview, power/progressive, and the best predictive modes on the market with the possibility of shortening the time between calls up to 3.6 seconds. All modes can be supported by AMD’s ai voicemail detection system with the highest efficiency in the market and no false positives.
  • reporting – create wallboards displaying real-time data on your own, create historical reports in the application or use data collection and reporting methods that suit your company: OLAP cubes, ElasticSearch.
  • voice and screen recording – choose whether you want to store recordings for a month, a year, 3 or 5 years or download them to your own server resources.
  • IVR and self-service – create IVRs supporting self-service, automate satisfaction survey campaigns, and seamlessly connect with transaction systems and voice bots.


Cludo Private Cloud is the result of 7 years of development of our server, network and telecommunications infrastructure. Three data centers connected by a fiber optic ring (DWDM RING), the systems are “load balanced” between two data centers (RPO 0 minutes) and RPO 15 minutes in the third backup data center.

To ensure the quality and stability of our telecommunications services, we have contact points with T-mobile, Play, Netia, Voxbone and Tata Communications networks.

Support modules

Depending on the specific needs of your company’s Contact Center, we offer additional modules to support quality control, training, schedule optimization or the motivation of consultants. When choosing the OneContact solution, you will be sure that your Contact Center will be able to develop continuously.

Quality Monitoring

Workforce Optimisation


Routing oparty na umiejętnościach


Interaction Hub



To ensure the smooth operation of the Contact Center, deep integration with CRM and other transaction systems is necessary. OneContact has ready, deep integration with the following systems:

  • Salesforce.
  • MS Dynamics.
  • Sugar CRM.
  • Zen Desk.
  • Atmosfera.

“Our goal is for the call center software we deliver today, to be just as fit for customers in one year, in five and in ten years.”

Aleksander Wierciński, Cludo CEO

Pay less for more functionality of a virtual call center in the cloud

The integrated Collab ConeContact ecosystem aims to improve the quality of customer service and the effectiveness of Contact Center sales activities while optimizing costs. An important element is to maintain commitment and reduce employee turnover. Based on its own servers and network equipment, the Cludo infrastructure is locally and geographically redundant and distributed over dozens of servers in three data centers connected by a redundant Ethernet ring.

  • many contact channels (phone, email, chat, video, social media)
  • full control of call center software performance and consultants’ work thanks to the possibility of freely designing reports
  • easier recruitment of employees thanks to the possibility of remote work
  • the possibility of outsourcing some of the CC processes while maintaining the consistency of your own CC system
  • easy integration with internal systems (e.g. CRM)
  • significant optimization of the costs of handling incoming and outgoing traffic while maintaining high-quality of service
  • Predictive Dialer allows you to automatically dial numbers, thanks to which you increase the efficiency of sales or debt collection activities.

The key technological partner of Cludo is Collab, a company recognized by the Gartner Institute as a “Visionary” in the field of Contact Center vsolutions. Collab is part of a group of over 2,000 employees with a turnover of over one billion EUR and implementations on five continents. Thanks to cooperation with Collab, Cludo has been offering a mature and complete portfolio of solutions for Contact Center for 8 years.

Cludo is delivered as a call center in the cloud while tailoring solutions to the specific needs of your Contact Center. We keep the benefits of the cloud without compromising on functionality, integration, and security.

Other features

Serve clients in integrated communication channels: Voice, SMS, Chat, Mail, Video, Social Media.

The call center program allows you to use the application from anywhere via a web browser.

With Predictive Dialer, you do more interactions in less time. Select a calling strategy suited to your needs (Preview, Power and Predictive).

Increase efficiency. Receive interactions and distribute them according to predetermined rules, directly to available agents.

You can easily integrate your contact center program with external Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, MS Lync, SIP, Web Services, Big Data or .NET applications.

Record all interactions in the contact center system. Integrated recording of audio and screen communication from the agent’s application (mail, chat, social media, scripts).

Interactions are automatically distributed to appropriately qualified agents. The level of customer satisfaction is increasing due to the higher quality of service.

You fully control the contact center program and consultants’ behavior thanks to a flexible real-time data monitoring system.

Which consultants are the best for the task? Call center software allows you to analyze the behavior of agents, and assess their qualifications and skills.

Your clients do not stand in long queues waiting for a connection with a consultant. Self-service menu with functionalities tailored to customer needs, available 24/7.

Reports are generated in real time. Thanks to this, you can immediately adjust the call center program to changes in customer behavior.

Employee motivation increases, the retention rate decreases, and the individual and collective skills of team members improve. These are the main goals of the gamification panel.

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